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the search and the study of planets orbiting stars other than the Sun is amongst the great scientific endeavours of this century. I am glad to be a part of it! read below to know more.


Planets orbiting other stars than the Sun - exoplanets - present a surprising diversity (in mass, radius, orbital elements, atmospheric properties...). This is the main result of two decades of discoveries and characterisation.

The focus of my research is on the exploration of this diversity, by discovering planets and consequently, by studying them. I use their characteristics as properties to prepare new observing programmes. This helps us learn more about exoplanets, notably about how they form and what their atmospheres are composed of. For the planets that could, I aim to find out whether they harbour biological activity.

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curriculum vitae

2017 Birmingham fellow, U. of Birmingham, UK
2015 - 17 - Kavli fellow, U. of Cambridge, UK
2014 - 15 - CPS fellow, U. of Toronto, Canada
2013 - 14 - Swiss NSF fellow, MIT, USA
2011 - 12 - Postdoc, U. de Genève, Suisse

August 2011 - PhD, U. de Genève, Suisse
June 2007 - MPhys, U. of St Andrews, Scotland

and lots of time spent observing in Chile

A full CV can be downloaded here and a list of publications here (both in pdf).

2014 MERAC prize recipient. Read my thesis.



Astronomy, and exoplanets, are topics that fascinate the public, from young to old. I have organised and took part in outreach activities to schools and the wider public, but also to other branches of academia, under the form of lectures, debates, discussions, exhibits, seminars...
I am regularly asked to comment on recent scientific discoveries by journalists in North America and Europe.
Through interactions with artists, I am attempting to insert recent scientific concepts and discoveries into popular culture, recently using media such as short films and novels.

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science in action

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